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"It's too hard,"

you thought.

You heard about ‘cruelty-free’ products before, and maybe even about the less-than-desirable ingredients in your everyday products…

...and figured it would be good to do something about it.

But what exactly?

Looking into that sort of stuff sounds like a LOT of work.

Maybe you’re interested to know more, but don’t have the time or will to research it yourself – and besides, the amount of information out there is totally overwhelming.

It’s hard to find trustworthy products in the shops.

When you do find something, it has an unusual bunny logo on it that you haven’t seen before
'free from x and y and z’ written on the label

And if you’re being really honest
you couldn’t define exactly what that means, or one certification from another.

Maybe you even bought some products in the past that you thought would be a good cruelty-free or clean alternative to what you were used to using. But they were disappointing and you didn’t know what products to try that were actually effective.

Perhaps you even found out enough about these issues to want to overhaul your entire bathroom cabinet but lost steam after you got overwhelmed with the process.

I’m Sarah,

and I created Lumabelle
to help you make clean, cruelty-free choices
you can feel great about.

Because you deserve to have a collection of safe AND effective everyday products to enjoy,

to not worry about what they might do to your long-term health,

or whether they were made at the cost of the life or wellbeing of our furry friends.

I created Lumabelle because I wish I had a Lumabelle to guide me when I started my cruelty-free and clean journey. The information I needed and the best products available in one handy place.

When I moved from Australia to Belgium I found it near impossible to locate safe and animal-friendly personal care products in physical shops. I turned to online shopping, but was totally disappointed at the number of webshops whose cruelty-free and clean-ingredient standards left a lot to be desired.

Many stores notice a trend in consumer demand and react by adding products that they think will attract customers. They will claim to be x or y but when you look further they are stocking products that don’t fit this criteria:

They would claim products were vegan but a quick look at the ingredients showed carmine or silk or animal hair.

They would have a one-liner in their FAQ saying their products were without animal testing, but appear to stock brands who sell in China (where animal testing is mostly mandatory).

They would claim to be “100% natural” and make general statements against “chemicals”. They just ended up supporting brands who greenwash their products.

I knew there was a better way. A shop and resource combined, that truly put its values first.

I didn’t find what I wanted. But instead of giving up,

I created it.

What makes Lumabelle different from the rest?

Everything Lumabelle does stems from its VALUES.

The screening process for new brands and products is very thorough.

I’m picky, so that you don’t have to be.

When shopping with Lumabelle you can relax knowing that a claim about ALL products being cruelty-free MEANS that all products are cruelty-free.

I spent more money and time than I care to admit researching brands and testing products to find out which ones really are what they say they are.

I did all this so that YOU don’t have to.

I’m here for you. If you have a question, contact me anytime and I’ll do my best to help.

Welcome to Lumabelle! It’s going to be a lovely friendship.

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