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What's the status of cosmetic animal testing in your country?

18 February 2019

The world of cosmetics is becoming a little kinder to animals, one country at a time. For some nations, the move towards banning animal testing of cosmetics has been a long time coming, while for others, the process is just getting started. The good news for us is that the situation improves a little bit every year.

But it's a lot of work to keep track of the status of so many different countries' legislation.

So we've created a special interactive world map of cosmetic animal testing, just for you.

The world is making great progress outlawing animal testing on cosmetics and personal care products. Check out our interactive map to see the status in different countries and get an overview of progress worldwide.

How does the map work?

The map enables you to hover over each country in the world and discover the summary of their status, with relation to cosmetic animal testing. The world is split into four categories:

(1) Banned (though sometimes with loopholes)

The best category is presented in GREEN. This means at a minimum that cosmetic animal testing has been banned within that specific country, but often also extends to ban the import and sale of cosmetic products which have been tested (or contain ingredients which have been tested) on animals elsewhere. Where possible information is given on the scope of the ban. An example of countries in this category includes the EU Member States, in which animal testing of cosmetics is mostly banned but with notable loopholes. We still want to celebrate these legal advancements, of course, because every step takes us closer to a world truly free of cosmetic animal testing. And the more countries which join in, the closer we come to removing those loopholes.

(2) Permitted but in process of banning

Plenty of countries are in the process of trying to pass legislation which would ban animal testing of cosmetics. Examples include Canada and the United States. These nations appear in YELLOW.

(3) Permitted (neither mandatory nor banned)

The GREY countries haven't taken any steps to prohibit testing, but neither do they require it.

(4) Partially permitted, partially mandatory

Thankfully there is nowhere in the world where cosmetic animal testing is still completely mandatory. Despite removing the requirement for animal testing on certain cosmetic products, China still requires pre-market testing on certain categories of products, and in addition randomly conducts post-market animal testing. Areas where cosmetic animal testing are partially permitted, partially mandatory are shown in PINK on the map.

Where can I find it?

You can access the map anytime using the top menu bar on our homepage. You can also follow this link.

If you spot a correction or know of an update that we haven't added yet, reach out to us - we'd love to hear from you. It's been a labour of love, and we hope you get value out of it.

What about animal testing in other fields?

Our map only focuses on the progress concerning animal testing on cosmetics, and not testing in general, for example in the medical field. This is because the rapid changes in recent years have all been in the cosmetics and personal care products industry. If in the future countries begin to outlaw other kinds of animal testing then that data can be added to the map or other maps can be created. But for now it is interesting to track the progress specifically of cosmetic testing with a view to seeing how other kinds can follow. Each and every step is to be celebrated!

Here's to a future...

...when the whole world map will show up green. Until then, we fight the good fight.

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