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Cruelty-Free Gift Guide for the Natural Beauty

10 December 2018

If you're giving beauty gifts this holiday season why not give something a little unusual. These suggestions are all cruelty-free and vegan with clean ingredients and come in beautiful packaging, making them ideal gifts!

1. Dream Big wand-extending mascara by Pacifica, 24.90 € | Buy now

This is a mascara that is sure to impress as a gift. The twisty cap either lengthens or shortens the wand as you turn: longer wand = longer lashes, shorter wand = thicker lashes. It's made from natural ingredients so won't irritate your eyes like most traditional mascaras can. Plus...unicorn packaging. Enough said!

2. GEA CC Cream by Agronauti, 22,40 € | Buy now use code GIFTGUIDE for 10% off

This natural CC cream evens out skin tone like a champ. An excellent base for makeup, it also works well as a stand-alone product on days when you don’t have time for your normal makeup but want a lovely, even tone and healthy glow. It doubles as a moisturiser, containing natural oils that nourish the skin. The shade can be lightened by mixing with your favourite moisturiser.

3. Coconut Radiant Shimmer Multiples by Pacifica 24.00 € | Buy now

This is a seriously gorgeous looking palette, with a festive sparkly box! The Pacifica Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples is a set of 3 shimmering mineral highlights. Coconut extract makes for a super creamy and soft-feeling formula that is easy to apply with just a finger, and has a heavenly vanilla cocoa butter scent (it smells so good the recipient will be opening it sometimes just to take a sniff!).

4. Vegan Makeup Brush set by Bathing Beauty and Caroline Jones, 110.00 € | Buy now use code GIFTGUIDE for 10% off & to receive a FREE Bathing Beauty calico bag

This is the holy grail complete set of 10 vegan makeup brushes designed by Georgina Jones of Bathing Beauty in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Caroline James. The brushes come beautifully presented in an eco-friendly box with a handy numbered list of brushes and tips for how to use them. The brushes are made using traditional Korean brush-making techniques and are completely free of animal hair (of course!). What a stunning gift!

5. Natural solid perfume by Pacifica, 15.00 € | Buy now

Pacifica's solid perfumes are made with organic coconut, soy and apricot wax, with scents made from a mixture of essential and natural oils, ideal for those of us who are sensitive to synthetic fragrances. Use your finger to lightly apply a small amount to your wrists, behind your ears or even the tips of your hair. A little goes a LONG way. The tins are small and light, and being a solid formula makes them ideal for tucking into your handbag on the go or taking with you on your travels. Not only are they natural, smell gorgeous and of course completely vegan and cruelty-free, the packaging is so pretty and they are much more affordable than traditional bottles of perfume. What's not to love??

6. Hibiskiss natural lip colours by Crazy Rumors, 5.90 € | Buy now

HibisKiss lip colours combine the best of both worlds – the creamy moisturisation of the classic Crazy Rumors lip balms with natural mineral pigments, giving you that satisfying lip balm feeling with the kiss of colour, too. There are six gorgeous shades to choose from.

7. Natural Mineral Blush by Everyday Minerals, 16.50 € | Buy now

A thoughtful gift for any makeup-lover, but particularly the natural beauty. A natural mineral blush is where it is at. These beautiful blushes offer an effortless rosy glow, are easy to blend with a silky matte finish, and come in four gorgeous shades. No carmine in sight - making these little lovelies totally vegan.

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