Agronauti is a very special brand indeed. Brought to life by a charismatic team of Italians, the 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand has a foundation built on very strong and admirable brand ethics.

So much so, their cosmetics are open source – meaning they are completely transparent not only about their ingredients but also their processes. With no patents on any of the products, anyone is free to access the information under Creative Commons and then improve upon the formulations as they wish.

In a world where cosmetics companies protect their trade secrets like a chubby kid does the last piece of cake, the Agronauti team are true industry-disruptors. A song for Lumabelle’s heart!

Agronauti is also Customer Certified. A benefit of being truly and completely transparent, Agronauti leaves the assessment of their work to the people who actually purchase and use their products. You’ll hear more about this innovative way of certification in the future on the Lumabelle blog, but in a nutshell they used the strictest European guidelines as their basis, and went from there.

One look at their comprehensive product ingredient and process information sheets is all you need to see to know with full confidence that Agronauti products are completely vegan. The natural and organic composition of their products is also exhaustively explained on their website. Their products are free from: mineral oils, petrolatum, silicones, parabens, ethanolamines, PEG, SLES, synthetic fragrances, phtalates, synthetic dyes and polycyclic musks among others.

The Agronauti team considers information exchange to be a two-way street: they foster a totally open dialogue with their customers and really value user input.

Be sure to check out their range of products and support this excellent small business.

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