Mineral cosmetics are often filled with less than desirable ingredients: petro chemicals, lake dyes, bismuth oxychloride, synthetic fragrances, and carmine...just to name a few.

It goes without saying that the journey to find a reliable brand can be a long one.

Thankfully, yours is over.

Meet Everyday Minerals, where none of that muck is allowed. Here you’ll only find 100% vegan and organic products with natural minerals and no filler crud. In other words: only the best stuff!

Founder Carina Menzies began Everyday Minerals through an urge to empower women worldwide with a truly natural, high quality mineral range. With strict criteria, the products must always be effortless to apply, long-lasting, come in versatile shades, and most importantly, fun!

The range includes an impressive array of foundation base shades to match any skin tone, plus a host of other goodies from blushes to lip colours to bamboo makeup brushes with incredibly soft (and totally vegan) bristles.

Everyday Minerals makes the environment a priority, too. With sustainability of natural resources as a top concern, the company puts a lot of consideration into their environmental impact. Sourcing natural ingredients from local farms wherever possible, they make sure that ingredients sourced from other countries are done so ethically, with the respect and dignity the farmers deserve.

The brand believes that homemade is always best, which is why every one of their products is lovingly handcrafted. A little pot of goodness, a gift from them to you.

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