Itha is an exciting new brand offering a growing range of natural lip colours. Itha’s founder Kelly suffered from chapped lips during the winter and found that synthetic lip balms and tints were difficult to wear on her dried-out lips. Knowing there had to be a better way, Kelly was inspired to start her own line of natural and nourishing lip colours.

The brand is named after a vineyard in Ithaca, New York, where Kelly first had her moment of inspiration for creating her line of organic lip products. The range started off vegetarian (containing organic beeswax) but has since expanded to include some vegan lip colours also, and all of the products and processes are completely cruelty-free.

The products are handmade in London and not only natural but also up to 99% organic, providing extra nourishment to the lips.

Have fun trying out the lovely shades and treat your lips to some extra care at the same time.

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