Stop The Water While Using Me is a brand doing a lot of good in the world. Born out of a desire to help the one billion people worldwide with no access to clean water, Stop The Water is a brand with a big heart.

Stop The Water’s products have been used by more than 3 million customers, saving an estimated 725 million litres of water!

The brand has helped install fog collectors in Tanzania, an ingeniously simple idea that has truly transformed local communities.

Their products do cost more than conventional mass-produced skincare and haircare, but with good reason. Stop The Water uses only the highest quality natural ingredients, ethically sourced. Take for example their Brazil nuts – sourced from sustainable farming in the Peruvian rainforest. These nuts provide half the annual income for thousands of harvesters and their families.

The packaging is recyclable and the ingredients fully biodegradable.

You’ll never find synthetic colours and fragrances, silicon, paraffin or other raw materials derived from petroleum.

Won’t you Stop The Water, too?

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