Washable Cleansing Wipes

Bag Again
Disposable cotton rounds are convenient for skincare and makeup removal.


...they aren’t very green and create a lot of bathroom waste over the years. Even if you only use one cotton round per day, that’s 365 per year that end up in the trash (times that by the millions of users in the world!).

This is where reusable wipes come in!

A super green alternative – save money and the environment. A must have for anyone aiming for a zero waste or reduced lifestyle.

This pack of 5 wipes come with a handy wash bag so you can pop them straight into the washing machine.

Both the wipes and bag are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. This means there was no child labour nor pesticides used during production. The wipes have a smoother, soft side and a side with more structure for gentle but effective use on your face.

Handmade in Holland.

Diameter = 7 cm. There can be small differences due to being handmade.
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Pads & bag are both made of GOTS-certified organic cotton

Use as you would cotton rounds, to remove makeup with your favourite makeup remover or with cleanser or toner during your skincare routine. You can also use them with warm or cold water to revive tired eyes upon waking.

Not suitable for use with nailpolish remover.

Washable to a maximum 60 degrees celcius. The bag can be used to contain the clean wipes or as a washing bag for the used wipes. The bag will shrink if washed at 60 degrees though, as it is ideally meant for washing at lower temperatures. It can of course still be used as a handy wash bag after shrinking a little. If you wish to avoid the shrinking you can handwash the bag. Bag Again chooses to use organic cotton bags so that they don’t leach micro or nanoplastics into the water – what often happens with washing bags made of synthetic materials.